Hello winter!

Ljubljana, 30. 7. 2012

Ljubljana, July 30, 2012 – The sun is burning mercilessly, the temperatures are (to put it mildly) summerlike, even our “office enforcer” Das ... Več

Top pellets = Peletop

Ljubljana, 29. 7. 2012

Ljubljana, July 29, 2012 – Biomass heating is being avoided by many, mostly because of the lack of information and knowledge about this nature friendly energy source. We have to admit that in our ag... Več

Promles has a new look

Ljubljana, 29. 7. 2012

Ljubljana, July 18, 2012 – Energy saving and environment friendly prefabricated wooden houses are very popular at the moment, as they tend to be much nicer to the environment, and even your wallet, ... Več

Mano a mano :)

Ljubljana, 1. 7. 2012

The good guys at Marketing Magazine had interviewed Petrol’s director of marketing Rok Cuderman, as well as our own art director Andrej Troha. They probed Troha’s... Več

We Are Now Members of Club Petrol!

Ljubljana, 16. 6. 2012

Slovenia’s largest petrol company Petrol entrusted us with a renewal and redesign of their summer catalogue Petrol Klub and supporting communication. The main theme of the new Pet... Več

We put indigestion back in balance.

Ljubljana, 8. 6. 2012

Meetings at impossible hours, long calls, stressful jobs, traffic jams due to road-works (or rather slow-works), demanding kids/parents/partners/pets, and only 24 hours a day. No wonder we are constan... Več

Klicaj and dot, dot, dot…

Ljubljana, 3. 6. 2012

No matter how decisive Klicaj is aspiring to be, the original Klicaj team had separated. That is why we have decided to expand and add three new dots in form of experienced youngsters. These guys hatc... Več

Do you still remember, old friends?

Ljubljana, 30. 5. 2012

Today, at the Museum of Modern History, there was an opening ceremony of the exhibition GOTO 1892. We’ll admit without shame, the exhibition could bring few nostalgic tears to the eyes of seasoned g... Več